If you have questions about NAFSA sponsorships or would like to set up a consultation, please contact NAFSA's Strategic Partnerships & Development team.

What Types of Sponsorships does NAFSA Offer?

Most sponsorships take place at the NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo, the world's largest gathering of international educators with 9,000+ attendees from more than 100 countries. Additional sponsorships are often available at NAFSA's regional conferences that take place within the 11 NAFSA regions. Interested parties can sponsor special events like keynote plenaries, celebrations, or programs during the annual conference, as well as merchandise such as the conference tote bag or water bottle. NAFSA also has a range of additional opportunities to gain exposure within the field of international education, such as online and in-print advertisements, digital and on-site signage, and more. View a complete list of sponsorship opportunities.

How Much Are NAFSA's Sponsorship Opportunities?

Sponsorship pricing varies depending on the program, event, or product. View a complete list of sponsorship opportunities. NAFSA works with interested organizations to tailor custom marketing packages that, when bundled, offer greater discounts. Additionally, NAFSA Global Partners receive a 15% discount on the list price of all sponsorship opportunities.

Who Have Been Previous Sponsors?

Do I Receive a Discount on Sponsorship Opportunities if I am a Global Partner?

As a NAFSA Global Partner, you receive a 15% discount on the list price of all sponsorship opportunities. For more information on the Global Partner Program, you can view a list of the levels and benefits here.

What Are the Benefits of Sponsoring Merchandise, an Event or Program?

Increase Visibility: NAFSA's sponsorship opportunities provide visibility before, during, and after NAFSA Annual Conferences & Expos. Sponsors are acknowledged in plenary videos, in printed materials, on NAFSA's website, and in numerous locations at the conference. In addition to the specific visibility associated with your sponsorship, you may qualify for additional Silver, Gold, or Platinum sponsor benefits.

Drive Booth Attendance: With visibility comes familiarity with your brand. NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo attendees have strong ownership of their professional association and extend that loyalty to companies and organizations that are seen to support their professional home. Sponsor brand recall is high and conference attendees are enthusiastic about visiting you in your booth and talking about your new products and services. According to our annual survey of conference participants, the expo remains a highlight for most of our conference participants.

Stand Out From the Crowd: With more than 400 exhibitors, it's easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of NAFSA's Annual Conference. Stand out from the crowd by attaching your brand to something unique like a plenary or a branded conference pen. Let NAFSA's expert staff help craft a sponsorship package that meets your specific marketing objectives. Secure your sponsorship now and watch your visibility grow!

What are the Terms and Conditions of Sponsorships?

Payment: A 10% deposit must be received no later than the November prior to the conference. All balances are due no later than February 1st prior to the conference. Failure to pay the remaining balance will subject the sponsorship to cancellation, and NAFSA will retain the deposit.

NAFSA Right of Refusal of Exhibitors, Sponsors, or Global Partners: NAFSA reserves the right to refuse to rent exhibit space to any applicant whose product or service is not consistent with NAFSA's charitable and educational mission and/or is deemed to be contrary to the best interests of international education. Similarly, NAFSA reserves the right to reject a potential sponsor or Global Partner for any reason including, but not limited to, a mission that is not consistent with NAFSA's mission or busniess practices. NAFSA reserves the right to accept only sponsors or Global Partners of its choosing.

Current Sponsor First Right of Refusal: Current sponsors of any NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo program, event, or product has the first right of refusal on the same sponsorship for the following year.

Disavowal of Endorsement: NAFSA's acceptance of a contract with a potential exhibitor, sponsor, or Global Partner is not, and should not be construed as an endorsement by NAFSA of the exhibitor, sponsor, or Global Partner, or of its programs, products, or services. 

How can I Secure a Sponsorship?

Explore the currently open sponsorship opportunities at this year's annual conference and contact NAFSA's Strategic Partnerships & Development team. Our Organizational Advancement team can also provide additional information on regional conference opportunities, additional print and digital marketing opportunities, and the Global Partner Program.