Elena Anderson-de Lay

Co-Founder, Lead Strategist, At Ease Solutions, LLC

“Our time on earth is limited and I want to leave a legacy that leaves the world better than I found it. Being part of NCC allows me to make a commitment to a legacy of connecting the world for the greater good.”



Joshua Davis

Assistant Director, International Student & Scholar Services, Portland State University

“I was introduced to NCC during my time in the NAFSA Academy. As I progressed in my career and relationship with the organization, I decided that I needed to find another way to give back to those who had such a profound influence on my life, and to help ensure that the work of the organization continued for those who followed me.”

Karen DeGrange

Karen DeGrange

Director, International Student Services and Special Programs at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

“After returning from 3 years in Zaire as a Peace Corps volunteer ESL teacher, I knew I wanted to stay connected to international students. Fortunately, a few years later, after getting my MS degree, I became Director of International Student Services at a small, private STEM college. I joined NAFSA immediately and found colleagues with the same passion for and focus on international education. When NCC was created, there was no hesitation on my part. NAFSA conferences and colleagues helped and continue to this day to help me so much. NAFSA is our voice! If not NAFSA, then who? Who will speak for us? We must commit to support NAFSA and its global efforts. Please join us is support of this organization to ensure NASA’s and the people it represents.

Dede Long

DeDe Long

Director Emeritus, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville

“When you have poured your heart and soul into your work, why would you not want to continue to support the professional organization that gave you the tools, the network, and fueled the passion. I will be forever indebted to NAFSA for a lifetime of gifts, so it is easy to support the NCC.”


Elaine Meyer-Lee

Associate Vice President for Global Learning and Leadership Development at Agnes Scott College

“NAFSA is one of the few institutions my husband and I chose to include in our will, to help sustain it so that it can be as helpful to future generations as it has been to me throughout my career.”


Michael Smithee

Mike Smithee

President, SmitheeAssociates, LLC

“I’ve been a NAFSAn since 1969, first as a student, then in 1977 as a professional. It has grown as an organization worthy of emulation by others. For this reason, I joined NCC. To perpetuate and make better an organization which is dedicated to making other lives better.”


Marty Tillman

President, Global CareerCompass

“NCC matters because we need to provide many different avenues for retired members to sustain their commitment to the international education field. And to also remain tied to the ongoing issues facing colleagues still working on campuses and for organizations.”