Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney sparred over immigration policy in their televised debate on Tuesday night, the second of three debates. In a testy exchange, the candidates touched on each of the three pillars of comprehensive immigration reform: enforcement, visas, and the undocumented. While Romney and Obama may disagree on details, both said they would seek major revisions to federal law in the next Congress.


The truth is, today’s world of global mobility bears little resemblance to where we were generations ago when the basic structure of U.S. immigration law was created. We need a new, sustainable national policy now. NAFSA supports comprehensive immigration reform that is based on facts, fairness, and a shared future. True comprehensive reform must address the three pillars of border security and enforcement, broad visa reform, and resolution of undocumented persons.


No matter who wins this election, enacting comprehensive immigration reform will require a sustained and collaborative effort, and that is why we need your voices now to keep the issue in the spotlight. On Connecting Our World, you can find talking points to use when discussing immigration reform. As Election Day approaches, you may encounter local candidates in your community – use these sample questions to press them on immigration and international education related issues. And finally, you can pledge to vote on November 6.


(See our comparison chart on Connecting Our World for more details on where the candidates stand on key issues).


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