Do you imagine an America where…

...all college students have the opportunity to study abroad?

…educating future generations for life and leadership in a global community is a national priority?

…more international students and scholars have the ability to access a U.S. higher education and are welcomed at our shores and on our campuses?

Our time is now to share our visions of America with President Obama and make an impact on international education.

Right now, over 7,000 people are gathering in Los Angeles for NAFSA’s 61st annual conference.  This year’s theme, “Fostering Global Engagement Through International Education” couldn’t be more appropriate.  We have a President who is a product of international education and believes, like we do, that international education is a critical part of how America engages with the world and renews our country’s image and leadership.

If we want international education to continue receiving attention from President Obama, we have to take advantage of this opportunity and speak as a unified voice!

Take a few minutes to personalize and send a message to the President.  Tell the President how you imagine America’s role in promoting peace and understanding through expanding study abroad opportunities and welcoming more international students and scholars to access a U.S. higher education.

You have the ability to make a difference in international education!  Take Action Today!