The DREAM Act has galvanized both supporters and opponents, and today the momentum – and the noise – is deafening. That’s because of anticipation that the Senate may move as early as this week to vote on the bill.

While the DREAM Act has enjoyed widespread bipartisan support over the years, you’ve probably heard the bill’s chances today aren’t great. However, the reality is that the opposition isn’t assuming victory – they’re flooding the Hill with faxes and calls. We need to be sure that we’re getting pro-DREAM Act letters to those offices too – to show support and to dispel myths about the legislation.

Please make a call or send a letter today telling your Senators why they should support the passage of this bill. We have talking points for you, and the draft of a letter, at Connecting Our World.

President Obama and members of his administration have made their support clear for the bill, but they can’t do it alone. Watch this video to see what Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, Cecilia Munoz, says anyone can do to help:

White House Video - Dream Act

(Start at the 21:12 minute mark, or scroll to end of the post to find the link "What can citizens do to help?")

In the video, Munoz notes the widespread misunderstanding about the DREAM Act across the country, and asks citizens to help educate our communities. You can use our Myths and Facts sheet and a Q & A document about the DREAM Act when talking with friends and family, calling into talk radio shows, writing a letter to your newspaper editor (check out NAFSA’s Working with the Media guide), or commenting on blogs and in your social media networks.

NAFSA is part of the coalition of groups that Munoz says has continued to support the DREAM Act. We have gotten this far because of your voices, and we need you again today.