DREAM ActJust a few weeks ago, things didn't look good for the DREAM Act – it seemed likely that Congress would adjourn this fall without taking up the bill, which would create a legal path for undocumented young people to continue their education, serve in the military, and contribute to our economy.

And then Sen. Harry Reid (D – Nev.) announced that he plans to introduce an amendment to add the DREAM Act to the defense authorization bill next week. NAFSA has launched a major campaign to urge supporters to send letters to the Senate in support of the measure. Many other organizations and individuals are also making their voices heard. Harvard student Eric Balderas, whose personal story as an undocumented student who was nearly deported earlier this year galvanized many to support the bill, teamed up with Harvard president Drew Gilpin Faust in a visit to Sen. Richard Durbin's office earlier this week to thank him for his support; Durbin has been a leading champion for the DREAM Act since it was first proposed. President Obama has said he supports moving the DREAM Act forward next week, and that he remains committed to comprehensive immigration reform. Take action today on Connecting Our World and help make the DREAM Act a reality.