Hey potential NAFSA leader! Yeah you! Noooooo...not him...not her...you! You too can be a NAFSA leader. Now is the time to get involved in NAFSA leadership - right now. Time to energize your mind with creative ideas and influence NAFSA and IE policy with thoughtful discussions and active engagement, all while expanding your network with talented IE professionals. I do understand that it’s possible this isn’t exactly the best time for you, there may be a new job, a new kid, a new city—whatever situation that might call upon you to need a little adjustment time. In that case you can wait until next year—but don’t forget that WE NEED YOU—not someone else, you—sooner versus later.

It’s more likely, though, that there’s nothing keeping you from volunteering but you. It’s time to become a leader. It’s time to stop talking about what should or could be and producing what can be. Share your skills, your knowledge, your energy, and your commitment to international education. I know……I thought that…..and that too…..and that. I was so busy thinking of all the reasons I couldn’t be a NAFSA leader that I didn’t take the time to think of how I could. And you can.  Here are some open positions that might interest you.

There are hundreds of opportunities at the local, state, regional, and national level for IE professional of varying backgrounds and experience levels; it all starts with a “Yes,…I want to get involved. I want to broaden my professional experience; I want to expose myself (and my institution) to a multiplicity of approaches within the IE field. I want to help maintain a strong organization. I want to be a NAFSA leader.” What questions do you have about NAFSA leadership; what crosses your mind when you think of volunteering as a leader?

Approach me or any other current or past NAFSA leader to learn how we got involved, and how you too can join the ranks of NAFSA Leaders.

Leah Newell Leah Newell is the chair of the Leadership Cultivation Subcommittee (under the Leadership Development Committee).