Last week, we blogged about the importance of NAFSA’s Diversity Impact Program. Today, I want to reinforce that message.

We know that tribal colleges and universities; historically black colleges and universities; Hispanic-serving institutions; and community colleges and associates’ colleges are underrepresented in international education. Often representatives of these organizations find it difficult to get the training, networking opportunities, and resources they need to build or grow their international programs.

This is where the Diversity Impact Program plays such an important role. We live in a time when access to global education is key to student success. The Diversity Impact Program allows the outstanding individuals at these institutions to receive peer-to-peer support with the ultimate goal of expanding capacity, increasing student exchange, and improving students’ global competencies. Let’s join together and support this important program.

If you missed earlier chances to support these colleagues, it’s not too late. If you gave earlier and want to continue to support the Diversity Impact Program, we welcome your continued support. I urge you to bring 2015 to a close with a tax-deductible gift to the Diversity Impact Program.

…this experience …further supports my efforts to encourage minority students to move beyond their comfort zones and become persons of the world—global citizens.”
-Diversity Impact Participant

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