The 60th Anniversary International Plenary and Luncheon took place on the final day of NAFSA’s 2008 Annual Conference. Keynote speaker Amy Chua, the John M. Duff, Jr. Professor of Law at Yale Law School, signed copies of her book. The gathering provided an opportunity to recognize conference participants from outside the United States. Dr. Muwaffak Al-Rubaie, Iraqi National Security Advisor, announced a new Iraqi study abroad-related educational initiative.

The closing reception focused on celebrating the success of the annual conference in Washington, D.C., and looking forward to NAFSA’s 2009 Annual Conference and Expo in Los Angeles, CA.

See you in LA!

Amy Chua speaks at NAFSA 2008 Conference

At the NAFSA 60th Annual Conference, author Amy Chua spoke to thousands of attendees and provided revolutionary insights into global power, politics, and economics (above).

Dr. Muwaffak Al-Rubaie of Iraq at NAFSA 2008

At the 60th NAFSA Conference, Dr. Muwaffak Al-Rubaie, Iraqi National Security Advisor, announced the Iraqi Educational Initiative which will include study abroad scholarships for 10,000 Iraqi students each year for the next 5 years. This initiative was created because education is the key to Iraq's development. (above, with Marlene Johnson and Everett Egginton).

Closing Reception of NAFSA 2008 Conference

More than 9,000 individuals attended the 60th NAFSA Conference. Next year's NAFSA conference will be in Los Angeles. Photos from the Closing Reception are above and below.

NAFSA 2008 Conference attendees

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