Before we know it, we will be packing up and heading to beautiful Los Angeles for the NAFSA 2017 Annual Conference & Expo. Whether this is your first conference or your 51st, there is something in the NAFSA 2017 Career Center (rooms 308 and 309 of the Los Angeles Convention Center) for you!

Over the past decade, the Annual Conference Career Center has been evolving. There was once a time when job seekers would sneak under the cloak of darkness to explore what other jobs were out there in international education. Well, no longer is it tucked away in the deepest, darkest and distant room in the convention center. The Career Center is not just for job seekers, as it has grown into a multifaceted resource for our members and potential members.

While you are in Los Angeles, be sure to check out all the career resources available to you. There are employer information panels, résumé reviews, mock interviews, and a robust slate of presentations as part of the Career Center Speaker Series. The Career Center has become my favorite part of my NAFSA conference registration.

Can’t make it this year? Having a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out)? Not to worry, the NAFSA Career Center is meant to enhance your career development every day of the year. We focus on all aspects of your career, from entering the field to taking the next step in your international education career and even the essential tools to improve your daily work as a supervisor. The Career Center aims to be an added value for your membership.

Over the next year we will be adding even more resources. As a member of the NAFSA Membership Engagement Committee, I am your proverbial suggestion box for the topics you would like to see featured in the Career Center. Be sure to get in touch or leave your comments below!

Megan C. Lawther McCarthy is the program manager for global engagement in the Office of International Affairs at The Ohio State University. McCarthy served as the Region VI Knowledge Community for International Student and Scholar Services liaison prior to entering the Region VI chair stream in 2011. She currently serves on the NAFSA National Membership Engagement Committee.