In his speech at Cairo University in Egypt yesterday, President Obama made it clear he believes international education is part of the solution to healing the rift between the United States and the Muslim world and said he wants more scholarships for foreign students and more Americans to study abroad in Muslim communities.

Emphasizing the important role young people can play in creating a new beginning of peace the President made this call to young people worldwide:, more than anyone, have the ability to re-imagine the world, to remake this world.

Read the full text of his speech here or watch it below:


Now is your chance to tell President Obama about the world you imagine – one of greater cooperation and understanding made possible through international education. Already, hundreds of people just like you have written letters to the President with this message. If you have not done so already, Take Action Today and thank the President for his inclusion of international education programs as an integral part of our foreign policy.

When you’re done, be sure to share this opportunity with friends, family, colleagues and students so that they too can voice their support for international education as a means of building better understanding, cooperation, and peace.