The first regional conference of 2008, Region II’s meeting in Park City, Utah, was a complete success. Joe Potts (Chair), Becky Sibley (Conference Planner), Anjali Hammond, and Aaron Rose (LAC Team), and many others deserve tremendous praise for putting together such a robust conference that drew over 250 attendees to the beautiful town of Park City.

Wednesday’s Plenary Luncheon with speaker Ted Wilson (University of Utah) was packed. Ted’s stories of leading student expeditions to India to build a school, and his suggestions for how to improve the United States’ image were entertaining and well-received. Later, about 80 conference attendees were led on a tour of Park City’s historic Main Street. For at least the next three weeks, a wide range of NAFSAns can claim membership to their favorite Park City establishment!

NAFSA staff were also on hand to participate in the conference. Chris Murphy and Gina Dreyer represented NAFSA in the Expo Hall. Kari Lantos attended a variety of sessions and meetings to stress the importance of grassroots advocacy and Advocacy Day. And Eric White offered attendees the chance to help improve the NAFSA Web site.

Overall, the success of the conference was made clear again and again by the smiling faces of each and every attendee.

Park City Main St

Plenary lunch with Ted Wilson