What is STEMi? In an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Worldwise blog, I describe the concept - STEM-internationalized – and I argue that it is the new paradigm that the United States must adopt in order to stay competitive in our global economy. I look forward to reading your reactions and comments.



The Neglected Dimension of Competitiveness

By Victor C. Johnson, senior adviser, public policy, for NAFSA: Association of International Educators


Posted on the Chronicle of Higher Education’s WorldWise blog on October 11, 2011.


When we speak of competitiveness, we are talking about international competitiveness. Yet the idea that international competitiveness could depend at all on international knowledge is at best a subtext of the discussion, if it's there at all. Surely the anomaly must strike us: Our competitiveness depends on success in a world of which most Americans are remarkably ignorant, and on selling things to people whose languages we don't speak. The competitiveness conversation must shift from 'STEM' to 'STEM-internationalized' - or STEMi. This is the province of international education.

Read the full piece and comment on the definition of STEMi on the Chronicle of Higher Education’s WorldWise blog.