Student DiplomatThe Student Diplomat Video Contest – the first-ever such contest hosted by NAFSA and Abroad View magazine – has been a resounding success so far. Now it's your turn to get involved. NAFSA and Abroad View have watched as students from across the country have shown us how their study abroad experiences have helped advance global understanding. We received dozens of entries and narrowed them down to five finalists.

We're handing the contest over to you to vote on who you think should be named the next Student Diplomat. You have until January 15 to watch the five finalist videos and choose your favorite selection on the Official Contest Page.

In case you need a refresher, we asked participants to consider how their study abroad experience has shaped them as global citizens, served as a bridge to cross-cultural understanding, promoted peace, or positively impacted the local community in which they studied.

The winner selected by you and an expert panel of judges will be announced on Monday, January 18 and will receive a $300 cash prize and the title "2009 Student Diplomat."

You've got 12 days to vote, so choose your winner today.