Are you coming to the NAFSA Conference in Kansas City this year? Of course, I'm coming. I, plus a whole lot of other people, planned long and hard for this conference, and there is something for everyone. As usual, there are tons of sessions for newcomers to the field, but this year, we have also identified over 30 sessions for Advanced Professionals, those of us who have been around the block a few times. These sessions will stimulate thinking, question long-held views, and promote new ideas.

Now, I know you're saying that you don't want to sit in sessions with a panel of talking heads. We have a few of those because that's one method of presenting information. However, almost half of the sessions are now more interactive, such as speed-dating, debates, round tables, some will even use Skype and Twitter and other means of two-way communication. Check them out!

But you say that you are interested only in sessions for one-person offices. Got them. How about sessions for community colleges or liberal arts institutions? Got those too. Interested in peace and justice or SEVIS II? We've got you covered. Then how am I supposed to find these sessions among the long list? You don't need to look any further, just check out our focus tracks page. Once you're registered, go into Conference Connection where you can search by focus area or knowledge community or by presenter and build your own schedule. Planning your schedule ahead of time will send you in the right direction once you reach the conference and you won't miss that important session.

So now that you know we have something for you, what are you waiting for? I'm expecting you in Kansas City!

Diana LopezDiana Lopez is the content chair for the 2010 NAFSA Annual Conference and Expo. She worked at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville for 32 years and currently lives in Knoxville, where she keeps busy as an active NAFSA volunteer.