Global Studies Literature Review, Volume 1

The Global Studies Literature Review (GSLR)  is an academic, peer-reviewed collection of book reviews, synopses, and interviews with leading scholars in the field of international education. This series is a peer-reviewed publication produced in partnership with NAFSA's Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Knowledge Community.

The GSLR looks to address a future-oriented trend: the growing convergence of international education with the core discourse of global higher education and society. This convergence (some might say reconvergence) is happening at a variety of levels and in many sectors and includes:

  • the globalization and internationalization of higher education
  • the increasing expectation of global competencies for professionals in the global business community
  • the challenges of migration from legal, educational, and human rights perspectives
  • the need for public diplomacy exchanges and policy-making professionals to function in the transnational and post-September 11 realities of the twenty-first century

Information about other editions is available on NAFSA's Research and Trends page.

Rebecca Hovey and Bryan McAllister-Grande, Coeditors
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No. 1
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