Global Studies Literature Review, Volume 10

This issue of the Global Studies Literature Review (GSLR) is centered on the topic of "Looking Back and Looking Forward." It explores the historical context of many themes important to international education, while simultaneously embracing how scholar-practitioners (and practitioner-scholars) are building the future of the field in innovative ways.

Volume No. 10 begins with four explorations of trends from authors whose books have seen the largest number of downloads and read reviews from the GSLR’s history. Each author’s book represents a major area of research in international education:

  • Aya Matsuda’s reflections on the growth of teaching English as an international language
  • Jessica DuPlaga Deutsch and Jeffrey S. Lantis’s timeless work on building effective global classrooms
  • Edna B. Chun’s reflections on diversity competence in changing university frameworks
  • William W. Hoffa’s insightful presentation of an engaging historical perspective of the field.

Tying together these themes, which have been pivotal to the GSLR’s history and readership, Melissa Whatley and Bryan McAllister-Grande provide an analysis of the history of international education, its impact on humankind, and its future influence in a changing world.

The additional contributions to volume No. 10 echo and enhance investigations raised in the first five essays and point to two of today’s primary concerns of the field: the value of global experiences and links between intercultural education and diversity.

Information about other editions is available on NAFSA's Research and Trends page.

Sandra Crenshaw and Rebecca Hovey, coeditors
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No. 10
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