Senior International Officers: Essential Roles and Responsibilities

Effective leadership for internationalization is necessary for higher education institutions to remain relevant within an increasingly interconnected and competitive global higher education landscape.

While the formal titles and functions of senior international officers (SIOs) vary across institutions, these individuals have a legitimate authority stemming from their unique positions, skills, and expertise to lead internationalization initiatives in ways that support and sustain institutional values, goals, and priorities. This book offers a comprehensive look at SIOs' various roles and responsibilities across four major areas: strategy, administration, faculty and academics, and partnerships and outreach.

The chapters are written by a diverse and experienced group of international education leaders, balancing leadership considerations with managerial concerns and offering insights for SIOs of all types and backgrounds.

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David L. Di Maria, Editor
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"This is an absolute treasure trove of useful insights, case studies, and resources for those charged with leading their university’s internationalization. It brings together experts from diverse institutions who identify and generously share the state of the art on all the key issues facing senior international officers and their colleagues. This impressive book is bound to do double duty for the busy SIO: it will be both a key reference work and a source of fresh ideas." —Sue Roberts, associate provost for internationalization, University of Kentucky

"From its introductory chapter to the valuable appendix of resources for SIOs, this book can be placed among the most comprehensive currently available. In addition to excellent reviews of strategy, administration, and faculty roles, there is a standout section on partnerships and outreach that ranges across global operations and international alumni engagement—pressing issues of the day." —Gil Latz, vice provost for global strategies and international affairs, The Ohio State University

"This comprehensive book provides a valuable road map to help institutional leaders understand, collaborate with, support, and leverage the senior international officer role. It usefully highlights priorities, resources, and metrics to be considered in the course of campuswide strategic planning. I would consider it essential reading for senior leaders at institutions that seek to strengthen their internationalization efforts and international profile." —Nasser H. Paydar, chancellor of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

"It is not often that practitioners of any competitive profession are willing to share trade secrets in a way that essentially enables replication of existing individual templates to different institutional contexts to produce similar or even better level of success for new users. Senior International Officers: Essential Roles and Responsibilities combines the visions of early SIOs and provides a clear blueprint for new SIOs." —Kelechi A. Kalu, vice provost for international affairs, The University of California, Riverside

"Senior International Officers: Essential Roles and Responsibilities brings together in one book new ideas and research and all the critical topics and dimensions of effective leadership for internationalization. A major strength of this book is its comprehensiveness. Each chapter serves as an excellent learning and teaching resource." —Augustine O. Agho, provost and vice president for academic affairs, Old Dominion University