NAFSA 2019 Annual Conference & Expo

Join peers and experts at the premier global professional learning and networking event for all international educators and organizations that support international education for the NAFSA 2019 Annual Conference & Expo, "Global Leadership, Learning, and Change."

At the NAFSA 2019 Annual Conference & Expo, join us to explore the theme: Global Leadership, Learning, and Change.

The 2019 annual conference theme encourages reflection on the current state of the field and on how to work through the changes and challenges faced by our profession. We will examine how to effectively deal with uncertainty and ambiguity in critical areas such as immigration, health, and safety and consider the differences in perceptions of how countries welcome others. We will study current standards of successful leadership, at all levels of the field, in the face of change. We will discuss how the present affects the future of our field.

Our work is characterized by building trust and facilitating educational exchange through partnering with cross-boundary stakeholders, managing domestic and international sources of authority, and handling intercultural complexities. How is that work challenged by the current landscape and what must we do to meet those challenges and prepare for the future? How will we, as a field, lead through these challenges?

The NAFSA annual conference comprises hundreds of posters, sessions, workshops, networking opportunities, and a world-class expo hall. The 2019 Annual Conference Committee (ACC) is seeking proposals that reflect the best thinking in the field.

The committee invites proposals that highlight:

  • Leading and managing international education in times of change and unpredictability such as change in student enrollments and destination choices, demographics, government agency policy, employment-based visas, and other
  • Security and safety of students, faculty, and staff
  • Access, diversity, and inclusion in international and higher education
  • Assessing technological shifts in international education, such as virtual exchange
  • Innovations in digital communications, digital marketing, digital recruitment
  • Comparative perspectives across national boundaries
  • Navigating legalities, risk and ethical challenges around global operations in international education
  • Integrating and supporting student global learning at various touch points on and off campus including curriculum development, co-curricular activities, campus events, working with faculty, and other

The committee welcomes innovative proposals that look to the future of the field, and expand and rethink current practices. The overall program will result in a diverse array of presenters and perspectives, including those with different nationalities, different levels of experience, and different institutional and organizational types.