NAFSA 2020 Annual Conference & Expo

With concern for the health and safety of our attendees, the NAFSA board of directors decided to cancel the 2020 NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo scheduled to take place on May 24-29 in St. Louis, Missouri.

NAFSA’s commitment to social justice, equity and inclusion is a strong fiber that runs through the work of our organization and that of our members. This commitment is embedded throughout all of our programs, including the NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo, the annual convening of international educators from around the world. In our work, we aim to focus on the issue areas where we can uniquely and meaningfully contribute to affecting change—namely, creating a more welcoming, globally engaged and informed United States.

When NAFSA selected St. Louis as the site of the 2020 Annual Conference, our leadership considered many issues including civil and human rights topics guided by our Strategic Plan and the Standing Rules. However, some of our members have voiced concerns about the venue, and NAFSA leadership understands and respects these concerns.

NAFSA has an opportunity to use its presence to expand ongoing dialogue and bring the positive impact of more than 10,000 members of the NAFSA community to Missouri. Our plan is to work with local partners and organizations to develop a curated program of social justice content and advocacy relevant to the community, the country, and the world. Moreover, the 2020 conference theme - Innovate, Influence, Impact - specifically calls out the role of international educators in fostering welcoming communities and highlights the contribution that they can make on their campuses and local neighborhoods, despite the challenges that they may face. The Annual Conference will be an important platform to discuss, learn, share, advocate, and express our values.

We value working with our colleagues and partners in St. Louis, and we hope you join us and check back for updates on the NAFSA 2020 Annual Conference & Expo.