NAFSA 2022 Annual Conference & Expo

Peers and experts joined together at the NAFSA 2022 Annual Conference & Expo, the premier global professional learning and networking event for international educators and organizations supporting international education programs. Together, we are "Building Our Sustainable Future."

Deadline: December 8, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. (EST)

We do not accept proposals that are not submitted via the presenter portal. 

Poster Proposal Selection Guidelines

After the NAFSA 2022 poster proposal submission deadline on December 8, 2021, proposals will be reviewed by Poster Fair Organizers (PFOs), members of the Annual Conference Committee (ACC), and additional peer reviewers. The ACC, in coordination with the PFOs for each fair, will make final selections by March 2022. 

Each poster proposal will be rated on a scale of 1-5 for:

  • Appropriateness of the topic for poster format
  • Importance of the topic to the audience

Each proposal must also meet all NAFSA proposal submission guidelines.

Please note that we do not expect posters to include a visual for their poster at this time. You will be asked to submit:

  1. Title, abstract, learning objectives, and poster theme (see below)
  2. All presenter biographical information (if you have a copresenter, they will be asked to log in, so prepare accordingly)
  3. Key content takeaways
    For the Uses of Technology and Social Media in International Education theme, please be prepared to submit what technology you will be using in your presentation (such as a laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc.).
    For the International Education Research theme, please be prepared to submit your hypothesis, research methods, and your thesis.
Advocacy in International Education
Assessing and Evaluating International Education
Crisis Management in International Education
Global Learning On and Off Campus
Increasing Diversity Outreach and Support in International Education
Innovative and Sustainable Practices in English Language Programming
Intercultural Initiatives for Campus and Community
International Education Research
Internationalizing the Campus
Model Practices in Education Abroad
Model Practices in International Enrollment Management
Model Practices in International Student and Scholar Services
Orientation Programs as an Integral Support Service
Updates on Country and Regional Higher Education
Uses of Technology and Social Media in International Education

NAFSA Proposal Submission Policies

All session, workshop, and poster presenters are required to adhere to NAFSA’s terms and conditions.