Two years. Term begins in January, but will attend the Fall Conference Team Meeting just prior to assuming duties.


By Region II Chair


  • Member of NAFSA
  • Experience in marketing, communications and social media management (Facebook)
  • Prior experience submitting website updates through a content management system and familiarity with the Region II Network.NAFSA community
  • Commitment to serve and to attend regional and national conferences
  • Confirmed institutional support for participation on Region II Team


  1. Assist Region II Chair with regional communications via the Region II website, Network.NAFSA and social media.
  2. Serve as primary moderator for the Region II Network.NAFSA community.
  3. Assist the Conference Planner in the development of a marketing strategy for the regional conference. Assist Local Arrangements Committee with creation of conference materials as needed, such as the Schedule-at-a-Glance and promotional materials for the state meeting at the national conferences.
  4. Work with the Region II Executive Team to maintain electronic records and post them on the Region II website.
  5. Keep abreast of electronic communication needs and opportunities, regionally and nationally.
  6. Participate fully as a leader in NAFSA by attending the Region II fall conference, national conference, team meetings, governance meetings and other sessions identified by the Chair as important.
  7. Provide incoming Communications Rep with procedural information and materials prior to the team meeting at the regional conference.
  8. Perform other related duties as requested by the Region II Chair.