Two years. Term begins in January, but representative will attend the Regional Conference/Team Meeting just prior to assuming the official term. Serving multiple terms is allowed if preferred by the person currently serving in the position and no qualified candidates are nominated.


Appointed by the Region II Chair.


  • Member of NAFSA.
  • Confirmed institutional/organizational support for participation on Region II Team.
  • Commitment to attend the NAFSA Region II Fall Conference, NAFSA National Conference, and corresponding Team Meeting in advance of both
  • Experience working for an organization/company that regularly participates in Region II conferences as an exhibitor/sponsor. Preference for at least 3 years of experience working for the relevant organization in Region II.


The Development Coordinator seeks to foster and nurture the relationship with international education vendors and partners. The overall goal is to provide additional revenue for Region II while also providing additional advertising/sponsorship opportunities for vendors and partners. Below are specific job duties and expectations:

  • Maintain a list of organizations and individuals who are current or potential sponsors, partners, exhibitors, advertisers, etc. for various regional programs and activities. Track sponsor activity to aid further development and target development projects. NAFSA’s Global Partner program will already house some of this data, but information beyond Global Partners should be maintained.
  • Communicate thoroughly and promptly with the vendors about the logistics of the regional conference.
  • Determine additional opportunities beyond the exhibit hall space and advertising in the conference schedule (app.). These opportunities may include, but are not limited to, sponsorships of coffee breaks, opening reception, and plenary lunch. Work with the national NAFSA staff to recommend pricing and benefits. Determine these opportunities/details by the deadline (provided by the Chair) to advertise these opportunities once regional conference registration opens.
  • Ensure that the needs of the region’s vendors and partners are being met, and bring recommendations to the Team. At the same time, balance these needs with the preferences of the Region II members.
  • Identify, develop, and secure donations for the support of regional grants. These donations may involve raffles, auctions, or other fundraising activities that take place at the regional conference. Work with national NAFSA staff to become familiar with state gambling laws of the hosting state regarding such fundraising activities.
  • Promptly respond to emails regarding Region II business and to inquiries from vendors/sponsors