Three years. Term begins after that year’s financial report is submitted by the previous Treasurer to NAFSA D.C.


By election.


Member of NAFSA; prior service on the Region II team of at least two years; Strong experience in managing a budget; commitment to serve and attend regional and national conferences; confirmed institutional support for participation on Region II Team.


  1. Manage the assets of Region II in accordance with the by-laws, standing rules, and good practice;
  2. Prepare an annual budget and at the Fall Conference Team Meeting present it to the team for approval;
  3. Maintain appropriate financial records and prepare annual report and quarterly reports to the Region II Chair and to the team at the Fall Conference Team Meeting;
  4. Comply with NAFSA National Office requirements for reporting;
  5. Ensure that regional fundraising activities conform to the NAFSA Guidelines for Fundraising;
  6. Provide guidance with regard to saving and disbursing funds;
  7. Participate fully as a leader in NAFSA by attending the Region II Fall Conference and attending the Team Meeting, governance meetings and other sessions identified by the Chair as important; by attending the national conference and attending Region II Team meetings and the governance meetings and other sessions pertaining to important association business.
  8. Perform other related duties as requested by the Chair.