International Excellence Award

Michael Smithee

2019 Receipient

Michael Smithee, PhD, Smithee and Associates

"...he has made significant, long-lasting contributions to the field of international education ... Through his writing on intercultural interaction, he has enhanced the experiences of countless students and scholars as they cross borders… Our awardee inspires all of us all to aim higher and accomplish more. We are so honored, and proud, of our own…"

New Professional Award

Kyle Keith

2019 Recipient

Kyle Keith, North Carolina State University

"He sees it as both his personal and professional responsibility to advocate for greater equity and inclusion in higher education… his standard of care for students is what we all hope to emulate in our office."

"He has already made a lasting impact at our institution and the greater field of Education Abroad…"

Community Volunteer Award

Orlando Fringe

2019 Recipient

The Orlando Fringe Festival

For 29 Years, this organization "…continues to represent all that is fun, good, quirky, and bizarre in the world and teaches us to look beyond ourselves and accept others for all that they are."

We award this in recognition of their longstanding commitment to globalization and empowerment through the free exchange of artistic expression.

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