Position Overview
The Regional Affairs Committee (RAC) chair shall be appointed from members who have served as regional chair by the vice president for professional development and engagement (VPPDE) for a two-year term, with one year spent as chair-designate and one year as chair of the RAC. This committee is a national committee made up of each Past Chair of the current chair stream of each region.

During the first year only, the RAC chair-designate represents the regions at the Summer Planning Coordination Meeting which takes place at the NAFSA office in Washington, D.C. and includes KC chair-elects and the RAC chair-designate. In this capacity, the chair-designate of RAC provides leadership and oversight for the development, maintenance, and offering of training opportunities required for professionals engaged in the region, including participation in and the monitoring of ongoing, community-wide discussions in order to identify which issues may be addressed through training.

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