Committee: Education Abroad Regulatory Practice (EA RP) Committee 
Position:   Chair/Chair-Designate
Term Dates: Three year term  

In the first year of the three year appointment, the appointee serves as chair-designate and assists the chair in managing the work of the EA RP Committee, ensuring that the interests of the field are being well served and that the committee meets the assigned outcomes from the NAFSA Board of Directors. In the second and third years, the appointee serves as chair, this position effectively manages and leads the work of the EA RP Committee and oversees the EA RP’s two subcommittees. This position is appointed by the vice president for public policy and practice. The committee is charged with identifying government-related practices and procedures that affect education abroad professionals. The Board has assigned the following outcomes to this committee:

  •  Develop and maintain a system to receive regulatory practice issues related to education abroad programs and students from members and other sources.
  • Identify regulatory and practice issues that need action through regulatory liaison by staff, or members as requested by staff.
  • Identify practice items to be referred to knowledge communities for action through further education and practice resources.
  • Assist the vice president for public policy and practice in communicating to members on regulatory practice issues.  
  • Identify long-term public policy issues and forward them to the vice president for public policy and practice for consideration

Position updated August 2021

NAFSA is not currently accepting applications for this position. Visit NAFSA Volunteer Leadership: Open Positions to learn about available opportunities.
Major Functions and Responsibilities