Position: Coach, Regional Treasurer/Business Manager Cohort
Committee: Regional Treasurer/Business Manager Cohort
Term: January 2020 - December 2021

The Regional Treasurer/Business Manager Coach is appointed from members who have successfully completed one or more terms as a regional Treasurer or Business Manager. The appointment will be made by the NAFSA Vice President for Professional Development and Engagement in consultation with the current Regional Affairs Committee (RAC) Chair and Chair-Designate.

The Treasurer Coach is a two-year term and supports the ongoing professional development of NAFSA’s regional treasurers. The coach works with two successive cohorts to foster collegiality and support their task of managing regional finances. As a former regional Treasurer or Business Manager, the coach will share perspectives on managing the regional finances, promote the sharing of best fiscal practices between regions, and provide on-going support and professional development that empowers Treasurers and Business Managers to be resources on their regional teams.

For questions or additional information, please contact the NAFSA Regional Affairs team.

Position description updated June 2019

The application period for this position has closed for 2020. It will reopen in Fall 2021 for the next application cycle.

Major Functions and Responsibilities
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