Cancellations, Refunds, and Changes to Registration

This page contains the terms and conditions and cancellation policies for Learning & Training programs. These policies do not apply to NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo cancellations, Regional Conference cancellations, or any NAFSA trainings offered in collaboration with other state, district, and institutional programs. If you have questions about the cancellation policy for a program or event, please contact us

Core Education Program (CEP) Workshops and Current Topic Learning Labs
e-Learning Courses, e-Learning Express, and e-Learning Seminars
Management Development Program (MDP)

Terms and Conditions to Registration

By registering for these programs and events, registrants agree to the NAFSA Terms of Use and Acceptance of Terms and NAFSA's Privacy Policy.

When registering for NAFSA learning and training programs, registrants agree to the sharing of their contact information with the trainers, coaches, and other workshop or program participants for the purpose of fulfilling the program for which you have registered.