Ada Peter

Ada Sonia Peter

Director, International Office and Linkages
Covenant University, Nigeria
NAFSA Global Dialogue Fellow

Ada Sonia Peter serves as director, International Office and Linkages, at Covenant University in Nigeria. She oversees operations of the Directorate, supervises direct services to Covenant University students and scholars engaging in several study abroad programs and research collaborations. Her office facilitates robust international programs, partnerships, summer exchanges, fellowships, and research collaboration that enhance the educational experience of both faculty and staff. Peter updates policies and strategies for achieving core attributes used to measure the international outlook of Covenant University. She is also professor of media and international security. She produces comprehensive, policy-focused, nontechnical cybersecurity documents that emphasize and teach senior principal state officials how to best make informed decisions on cyber policy, strategy, and planning. Her current research focuses on how U.S. national cyber strategies are impacting the protection of critical infrastructures against previous and potential cyber weapons. Most recently, she received the Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSI) Scholar Award on U.S. national security and policymaking from the U.S. Department of State. Peter holds a PhD in mass communication from Covenant University.