Arakssi Arshakian

Arakssi Arshakian

Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma State Representative, Region III

Arakssi Arshakian works at Oklahoma State University where she serves as Academic Program Coordinator. Arakssi coordinates a joint degree program between China Agricultural University (CAU) and Oklahoma State University (OSU) in three phases: before students’ arrival and while studying in CAU, upon students’ arrival and while studying at OSU, and graduation/next phase. Arakssi is of Armenian descent, born and raised in Baghdad-Iraq. She received her bachelor’s degree in English from the university of Baghdad and a Master’s degree in International Studies from Oklahoma State University. Arakssi has fifteen years of work experience in international spectrum in both private and public sectors, with proven record of accomplishment in establishing and growing departments, divisions, and programs. Besides English, Arakssi is fluent in Armenian and Arabic languages, and is a continuing learner of Spanish.

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