Bonnie Bissonette Headshot

Bonnie Bissonette, EdD

Bonnie Bissonette, EdD, retired in 2023 as the senior director of international partnerships and an assistant professor at the University of Maryland-Baltimore. Bissonette’s NAFSA experience began as a mentee in the second NAFSA Academy class, followed by service as the Wisconsin legislative whip, and the community college representative on the Region V team. She was named NAFSA Advocate of the Year in 2007 and served on the NAFSA Board from 2008 to 2011. In 2018-2019, Bissonette again served on the NAFSA Board of Directors, as the Vice President for Public Policy, and then continued as a member-at-large 2020-2022. Bissonette has an EdD in higher education from the University of Minnesota, and an MA in international affairs and economics from George Washington University.

Bissonette brings humor and positivity to life. Intellectually curious and eager to understand new ideas, she often asks questions others have but are hesitant to ask. Important life guidepost: if you are not changing something, you are choosing it. Know when it is time for change.