carol camp yeakey

Carol Camp Yeakey, PhD

Marshall S. Snow Professor of Arts & Sciences and Founding Director of the Center on Urban Research & Public Policy and the Interdisciplinary Program in Urban Studies
Washington University in St. Louis

Carol Camp Yeakey is the Marshall S. Snow Professor of Arts & Sciences and the Founding Director of the interdisciplinary program in Urban Studies and its Center on Urban Research and Public Policy at Washington University in St. Louis. Her primary area of research is social welfare policy as it pertains to marginalized children, young adults and families and the neighborhood contexts in which they live. Her research examines the nexus between the mal/distribution of human groups in dense urban spaces with reference to material resources and the consequential social, political, economic and cultural patterns which evolve as a result of the sufficiency or insufficiency of those resources.

She received her PhD. from Northwestern University in Social Policy. Among her research awards and fellowships, she has been a Rockefeller Fellow and a Bush Fellow at the Bush Center for Child Development and Social Policy in the Department of Psychology at Yale University; a Ford Fellow of the National Academy of Education; and, a Dartmouth Fellow at the Center for the Study of Comparative Politics and Inter-group Relations in the Department of Sociology at Dartmouth College. A member of several editorial boards, and reviewer for government and nongovernment funding agencies, she is also a consultant for the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NOW) and the Sao Paulo (Brazil) Research Foundation (FAPESP), among others.