Chris Bargerstock

Associate Director
Michigan State University

Chris Bargerstock received the 2015 KC ISSS Award of Excellence.

Bargerstock is employed by the Michigan State University Office for International Students and Scholars where she is the Associate Director. Chris has had the privilege to work in the field for more than 20 years. She has broad experience with and deep knowledge of immigration in both the student and scholar visa categories. Chris is a long-time member of NAFSA. She has served as the Regulatory Ombudsperson, Dean of J-1 regulatory workshops, International Scholar Network Leader and held many Regional and State positions. She also served as a member of NAFSA’s Trainer Corp, presented conference workshops and sessions, and assisted with collegial conversations. Chris is a past recipient of the Michigan Association of International Educators (MAIE) David D. Horner Award for Exceptional Service.

Always willing to share her knowledge with others, Chris loves presenting at beginners workshops and sessions to support new NAFSAns eager to soak up the knowledge and the excitement of learning in their new found field. For her, there is never a dull day on the job, there is always an interesting student case or immigration situation that needs unraveling. Her resume will list her committee assignments and roles in international education, but her colleagues and peers know that “ her resume does not reflect the kindness and clarity of her communication in support of newbies who are learning international education.”