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Ericka Schmidt

Senior Technician, International Education
Milwaukee Area Technical College
Virtual Programming Coordinator

Ericka Schmidt is the Senior Technician, International Education at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) where she is focused on developing short-term faculty-led programming for and with students, faculty and the community at seven campuses within the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area.  A large part of her work is focused on shaping the international office to include strategic planning, building and implementing new structure and policy, and new program development.  Ericka has been working in the IE field for 9 years, including extended periods working abroad in Spain, Colombia, and Argentina, experiences which have greatly informed her life and work. She’s passionate about the positive influence of language acquisition in the study abroad experience and how it aids students’ development and understanding of people and culture, including their own identity formation. She previously managed the study abroad program at UW-Wisconsin-Superior and study abroad portfolios at Marquette and Georgetown Universities. She is an avid outdoors woman, second-language learner, connoisseur of the arts, traveler, and biker.