Heather Schieman

Heather Schieman

Assistant Director of Education Abroad
University of Dayton

Heather Schieman is the assistant director of education abroad at the University of Dayton (UD). She started her professional career in 2012 after four years of intermittent on site international work. During her time at UD she spearheaded the development of both a robust professional, and student-led, advising structure. Transitioning the advising team from one professional staff to supervising a team of up to ten at any given time. By blending her background in student development theory, with her passion for international education, Heather is adamant about keeping holistic student and professional development at the core of her work. 

Aside from helping develop UD’s approach to advising, she also focuses her time and research on the development of relationships between universities. Recently, she shifted to being the lead manager for the university’s portfolio of exchange partnerships which has allowed her to dive into better practices for curriculum integration, program assessment, and student support on long term programming. Aside from her key duties at UD she also co-leads a professional group for Greater Cincinnati International Educators and volunteers as the committee lead for education and culture for one of the area’s largest international festivals.

Lily von Klemperer Awardee

Heather Schieman received the 2020 Lily von Klemperer Award.