Ioana Vulpe Headshot

Ioana Vulpe

Director of International Student Recruitment
Weber State University

Ioana is a passionate advocate of cultural exchanges and the transformative power of education. Originally from the picturesque country of Romania, Ioana's work in higher education has taken her across multiple states in the U.S., eventually leading her to the beautiful state of Utah.

With a strong foundation in cross-cultural communication,  Ioana embarked on her career in international relations after completing a Master's degree in Sociology in Romania. Her academic journey ignited her curiosity about different cultures and education's role in fostering global understanding. Drawn by Utah's unique landscapes and love of skiing, Ioana found a home in the heart of the American West. Currently based in Ogden, she serves as Director of International Student Recruitment at Weber State University. In this role, Ioana facilitates cross-cultural exchange programs, collaborates with international partner institutions, and ensures that students worldwide can access enriching educational experiences in Utah. Ioana's commitment to fostering global citizenship and promoting cultural exchange extends beyond the office. She actively engages with local communities, encouraging dialogue and understanding among students of different backgrounds. Her efforts create an inclusive and welcoming environment for international students studying in Utah.

In her free time, Ioana enjoys exploring Utah's scenic landscapes, hiking and skiing in the mountains, and reading as much as possible.