Jie Fan

Jie Fan

Assistant Director
Texas A&M University
Regulatory Ombudsperson-Student Issues, Region III

As a native Beijinger, Jie (“Jay”) finished her bachelor’s degree in International Politics from Beijing International Studies University. Then she came to the United States and studied at Florida State University for her master's in International Affairs. Once an international student, Jie has experienced the diversity and globalism of American culture and found her purpose in life. After graduation, she moved back to Beijing China and served as an English instructor and education consultant for four years and helped many students to prepare for their new adventure in America. Now, Jie works at Texas A&M University to help international students navigate the Aggieland.  Jie become a NAFSAn in 2017 and has presented various workshops and conferences since. Active member of Trainer Corps and graduate of Academy Class 16’.

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