Katerina Roskina

Katerina Roskina

Senior Evaluator
China Credential Services
Exhibitor Coordinator, Region V

Katerina Roskina is the CEP Workshop Dean for International Credential Evaluation Workshops. Roskna is the exhibitor coordinator for Region V, and the owner and senior evaluator at China Credential Services. Her professional interests are credential evaluation and research, integration programming, transnational education and academic exchange facilitation, international admissions consulting, training, and more with a mission to enable China-educated individuals to make educated choices about their study in the U.S., and U.S. academic institutions to be able to assist those individuals to make the best of their investment in U.S. education, and be able to develop viable transnational partnerships. Katerina holds a master's degree equivalent in linguistics and intercultural communication with an emphasis on Mandarin Chinese. Her graduate research centered on ESL teaching and acquisition by native speakers of Mandarin Chinese. Her professional background is in ESL instruction and curriculum design in China, English-Chinese interpreting and translation, and comparative international education in the U.S.

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