luis legapsi

Luis Legapsi

Study Abroad Advisor
University of California, San Diego

Luis Legaspi is a study abroad advisor at the University of California, San Diego. A native of Sacramento, Legaspi graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Textiles and Clothing, with an emphasis in Marketing. Utilizing his multiple experiences abroad and marketing skill set, Legaspi works on promoting access to higher education and international education to all populations. He is actively engaged with the international education professional community through presentations and participating in committees relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion with Diversity Abroad, The Forum on Education Abroad, NAFSA, and the University of California Education Abroad Program.  Legaspi is interested in systemic change in the field of international education to make the field more inclusive for broad student populations and for professionals in the field. Legaspi has recently participated and completed NAFSA Academy Class 13.

Rising Star Young Leader Awardee

Luis Legaspi received the 2017 NAFSA International Education Rising Star Young Leader Award