Masume Assaf

Penn State University

Masume Assaf received the 2017 KC ISSS Award of Excellence.

Assaf has advised international students at Penn State for 30+ years. She has served on NAFSA's Board of Directors and has been a presenter at several NAFSA conferences – mostly in the area of F and J regulations. Assaf was the recipient of NAFSA's Region VIII Award for Outstanding Contributions to International Education in 2005 and received the former Region IX Award for Outstanding Contributions to International Education in 1990.

In 2006, she received the Administrative Excellence Award from Penn State. Assaf co-authored F-1 Regulations for Beginners Linda Gentile as well as the recently revised electronic edition. She served in several positions on the former NAFSA Region IX and served NAFSA as chair of Region VIII. Later she served as chair of CAFSS (now known as KCISS). In 2013 she was awarded the Homer Higbee Award from NAFSA in recognition of distinguished and continuous service and mentoring of fellow NAFSAns.

She has a BA in Near Eastern Studies and Political Science from New York University and an MS in TESOL from SUNY Albany.