Mushfiq Hassan

Mushfiq Hassan, MBA

Student Adviser and Outreach Coordinator

A.Q.M. Mushfiq Hassan is an EducationUSA student adviser and outreach coordinator for the U.S. Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Mr. Hassan earned a bachelor’s in marketing from the University of Development Alternative (UODA) in 2010, an MBA from Dhaka University in 2012, and joined the American Center Dhaka in September 2013. Barely a year into his tenure, Mr. Hassan was thrust into the position of acting senior adviser for EducationUSA in Bangladesh. A master of the group advising session, Mr. Hassan has crisscrossed Bangladesh with standing-room-only sessions at Bangladesh’s four American Corners. In his advising career, Mr. Hassan has enjoyed the reach of Bangladesh among the top 20 countries from which students study in the U.S. He has visited many U.S. institutions as part of his trainings and is one of the most senior advisers in Bangladesh at this moment.