Stephanie Doscher, EdD

Florida International University

Stephanie Doscher, EdD, is a higher education leader who partners with colleagues and institutions to achieve bold goals for learning and visions for change. She is co-author of Making Global Learning Universal: Promoting Inclusion and Success for All Students (Stylus & NAFSA, 2018), a comprehensive handbook for engaging all undergraduates in collaborative global problem solving with diverse others. Stephanie currently serves as director of Florida International University’s institution-wide Global Learning for Global Citizenship initiative and is Program Evaluator for FIU’s Title VI-funded Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean National Resource Center. Stephanie researches, writes, speaks, and consults on topics related to integrative curricular and co-curricular development and higher education leadership. Her recent work focuses on the integral relationship between global learning, diversity, and the production and exchange of knowledge across borders, as well the promotion of transformational organizational change through collective impact. Stephanie’s recent articles can be found in Peer Review, Diversity & Democracy, and the International Association of Universities’ Handbook of Internationalisation of Higher Education. Rubrics she developed for performance assessment of students’ global learning are used around the world and are cited as part of the OECD PISA global competence framework.