NAFSA believes international education leads to a better, more peaceful world. In pursuit of our vision, NAFSA produces, analyzes, and tracks the latest trends and data for members, our partners, and public officials. These relevant resources provide context and perspective to the global policy environment.

NAFSA International Student Economic Value Tool
International students contribute well beyond their classrooms, campuses, and communities. NAFSA conducts an annual state and congressional district analysis of the dollar and job creation contributions by international students.

Trends in U.S. Study Abroad
NAFSA provides a detailed overview of study abroad statistics, including breakdowns by field of study and host region. While participation and diversity have increased, the student population embracing study abroad opportunities remains at only one percent of all students at U.S. colleges and universities, with minority students still greatly underrepresented.

Prominent Global Students
The international learning experience - culture, language, global perspective - profoundly shapes the lives and career paths of students who study abroad. Examples of global students who have risen to prominence in politics, performing arts, business, journalism, literature, are numerous. Discover who these global students are, where they traveled, and how the experience affected them.