International students, scholars, and their families are assets to academic and scientific innovation, public diplomacy, economic vitality, and national security. The United States must remain a welcoming nation to continue to benefit from these talented individuals. NAFSA stands ready to help our nation’s policymakers develop policies that would welcome the world’s best and brightest to our schools.

International Students

International students and scholars create jobs, drive innovation, enrich our classrooms, strengthen national security, and become America’s greatest foreign policy assets.

Meet some of America’s best and brightest international students and scholars.

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International Students Contribute to Our Economy and American Innovation

The latest data and statistics on how international students contribute to our economy and American innovation.

international value

U.S. at Risk of Losing the Benefits of Talented International Students

The latest data and statistics on how the United States is at risk for losing the benefits of talented international students.

About the Welcome To Succeed Campaign

Find out what’s at stake and how you can join the campaign.

Issue Brief: Welcoming International Students

NAFSA urges members of Congress to support international students and scholars by improving immigration and visa policy.