On August 7, 2012, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) posted the following Travel Update regarding a delay in I-94 data entry.

Customs and Border Protection is in the process of automating traveler arrival records to streamline passenger processing. The current processing time for entering foreign visitors’ travel information into the I-94 database is 30 days or more. This does not affect the majority of foreign travelers visiting for business or leisure and will not affect any visitor’s record of departure.

Visitors may need to prove their legal-visitor status within the first 30-45 days of their U.S. stay to:

  • Employers;
  • Motor vehicle registration or drivers’ licensing agencies;
  • The Social Security Administration;
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services; or
  • Universities and schools.

If during this timeframe, visitors need to provide evidence of legal status they should include the following:

  • Unexpired foreign passport; and
  • Country of Citizenship
  • CBP Arrival/Departure Record, Form I-94 (if issued)

Contact CBP for more information or with questions.

Tel: (877) CBP-5511

TTD: (866) 880-6582