In a November 9, 2004 Federal Register notice, DHS lists the 50 land ports of entry (POEs) where US-VISIT entry procedures will be implemented. Implementation will be phased in starting around November 15, 2004, but regulations require all 50 of the land POEs to begin collecting biometric data under US-VISIT no later than December 31, 2004 (see AMDOC# 200408019). The notice states that US-VISIT enrollment at land POEs will take place in the secondary inspection area.

The 50 Land Border Ports of Entry (POEs) that will begin biometric
data collection as part of US-VISIT processing no later than December
31, 2004.

Estimated start date of November 15, 2004 (6):

-Port Huron POE, Blue Water Bridge, Highway 69 and International Border, Port Huron, Michigan
-Douglas POE, Rte 191 and International Border, Douglas, AZ
-Lincoln-Juarez Bridge POE, Laredo, TX
-Gateway to the Americas International Bridge POE, Laredo, TX
-Columbia Solidarity Bridge POE, Laredo, TX
-World Trade Bridge POE, Laredo, TX

Estimated start date of December 6, 2004 (11):

-Niagara Falls POE (to include Lewiston-Queenstown, Whirlpool, and Rainbow Bridges), Niagara Falls, NY
-Peace Bridge POE, Moore Drive and International Border, Buffalo, NY
-Detroit Ambassador Bridge POE, Detroit, MI
-Detroit-Windsor Tunnel POE, Detroit, MI
-Lukeville POE, Highway 85 & International Border, Lukeville, AZ
-Nogales East (Deconcini POE), Nogales, AZ
-Nogales West (Mariposa POE), Nogales, AZ
-San Luis POE, Highway 95 & International Border, San Luis, AZ
-Andrade POE, Andrade, CA
-Calexico East-Imperial Valley POE, Rte 111 and International Border, Calexico, CA
-Calexico West POE, Rte 111 and International Border, Calexico, CA

Estimated start date of December 13, 2004 (11):

-Fabens POE 18051, Island Guadalupe, Fabens, TX
-Presidio POE, Border Station Highway 67, Presidio, TX 79845
Santa Teresa POE, Santa Teresa, NM
-Otay Mesa POE, 9777 Via De La Amistad, San Diego, CA
-San Ysidro POE, Highway 5 and International Border, San Diego, CA
-Tecate POE, Hwy 188 and International Border, Tecate, CA
-Blaine-Pacific Highway POE, Rte. 543 and International Border, Blaine, WA
-Blaine-Peace Arch POE, Interstate 5 and International Border, Blaine, WA
-Lynden POE, Rte. 539 and International Border, Lynden, WA
Point Roberts POE, Tyee Drive and Roosevelt Way, Point Roberts, WA
--Sumas POE, Cherry Street and International Avenue, Sumas, WA

Estimated start date of December 20, 2004 (10):

-Champlain POE, Highway 87 and International Border, Champlain, NY
-Massena POE, Rte. 45 and International Border, Rooseveltown, NY
-Thousand Islands POE, Highway 81 and International Border, Alexandria Bay, NY
-Sault Ste. Marie POE, The International Bridge, Highway 75 and International Border, Sault Ste. Marie, MI
-Bridge of the Americas POE, El Paso, TX
-Paso del Norte Bridge POE, El Paso, TX
-Ysleta POE, Ysleta-Zaragoza Bridge, El Paso, TX
-Derby Line POE, Highway 91 and International Border, Derby Line, VT
-Calais--Ferry Point POE, Main Street and International Border, Calais, ME
-International Falls POE, Rte 53 and International Border, International Falls, MN

Estimated start date of December 27, 2004 (12):

-Gateway International Bridge POE, Brownsville, TX
-Brownsville/Matamoros Bridge POE, Brownsville, TX
-Hidalgo POE, McAllen-Hidalgo-Reynosa International Bridge, McAllen, TX
-Los Indios POE, Free Trade Bridge at Los Indios, Los Indios, TX
-Los Tomates/Veterans International Bridge POE, Brownsville, TX
-Pharr POE, Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge, Pharr, TX
-Progreso POE, Progreso/Nuevo Progreso International Bridge, Progreso, TX
-Rio Grande City POE, Starr-Camargo Bridge, Rio Grande City, TX
-Roma POE, Roma-Ciudad Miguel Alem[aacute]n Bridge, Highway 83 and International Border, Roma, TX
-Del Rio POE, Del Rio/Cuidad Acuna International Bridge, Garfield Avenue and -International Border, Del Rio, TX
-Eagle Pass Bridge I POE, Eagle Pass/Piedras Negras Bridge, Highway 57 and -International Border, Eagle Pass, TX
-Eagle Pass Bridge II POE, Camino Real International Bridge, Highway 57 and International Border, Eagle Pass, TX AMDOC#: 200411003