DOS EVP Begins On-Site Review Visits At 21 Largest Academic Exchange Visitor ProgramsAs reported in the proposed exchange visitor program fee rule last October, the Department of State Exchange Visitor Program (DOS EVP) will be using a portion of the program designation and redesignation fee increase to fund "on-site reviews" of the largest academic and private sector exchange visitor programs. The final fee rule was published on February 28, 2011, and several members have reported that selected schools have received a notice of the visit to their institution, along with a checklist of items that DOS EVP asks the program to submit before the site visit. The visits are expected to occur between February 28-March 10, 2011, and will take place at the 21 largest academic and government program sponsors, which account for approximately 25% of total participants in the research scholar, professor, short-term scholar, specialist, and college/university student exchange visitor categories.

In its notices, DOS EVP states that the visits are "part of our efforts to collaborate closely with Exchange Visitor Program sponsors and to allow for public participation in the regulatory and oversight processes." DOS EVP also notes that similar visits were conducted last year at Secondary School program sponsors, and that the feedback they received from those visits "has been overwhelmingly positive and emphasizes the value of face-to-face interaction and collaboration between Department staff and program sponsors." According to the DOS EVP notice, the visits will last approximately two days, and programs are asked to make staff available for interviews and to respond to requests for documentation. Sponsors are also invited to share best practices with DOS EVP, as well as issues the sponsor wishes to bring to the attention of DOS EVP.

This library document contains a sample of the DOS EVP inspection notice and checklist.
Example Of DOS EVP Site Inspection Notice And ChecklistDOS-EVP2011-02-18DOS EVP Site Inspection Notice And Checklist