In a May 3, 2010 Federal Register notice, the Department ofState (DOS) proposes to amend existing high school student exchange visitor program regulations. Changes would impact school enrollment of student participants, and screening, selection, orientation, and quality assurance monitoring of students, host families, and field staff. DOS will accept comments from the public up to June 2, 2010.

DOS has asked for comments to be organized into one or more of the following 16 areas that are further discussed in the supplemental information in the proposed rule Federal Register notice:

  1. Standard Host Family Application Form
  2. Requiring Photographs of the Host Family Home
  3. Personal Character References for Host Family Applicants
  4. Measuring Host Family Financial Resources
  5. Criminal Background Checks of Host Family Adults
  6. Host Family Composition
  7. Local Coordinator Training Course
  8. Number of Students and Host Families for Which a Local Coordinator May Be Responsible
  9. Athletic Participation in the United States
  10. Prohibition of Payments to Host Families
  11. Host family orientation
  12. Host family visit by sponsor, other than local coordinator
  13. Student placement no more than an hour's drive of the home of a local organizational representative
  14. Clearer distinction between training and supervision requirements of officers, employees, representatives, agents, and volunteers acting on behalf of the sponsor.
  15. Prohibition against removing secondary school students' government issued documents, personal computers and telephones from their possession
  16. Adoption of standards ensuring that sponsors' promotional materials are professional, ethical, secure, and accurately reflect the sponsor's purposes, activities, and sponsorship