E-Verify Employers and Federal Contractors Lists are now maintained and updated on a quarterly basis by USCIS. The federal contractors listed within self-reported that their contract has the E-Verify FAR clause. The lists contain the following:

  • Business name (the name which was used during registration with E-Verify, whether the legal name of the business or individual, a trade name or abbreviation)
  • Federal Contractor Identifier (yes/no)
  • Federal Contractor Employee verification (all new hires or entire workforce)
  • Employer city, state and ZIP code used at registration
  • Workforce size (five or more)

Caveats for reviewing the E-Verify Employers and Federal Contractors Lists:

  • The lists only include employers and federal contractors who have self-reported that their company has 5 or more employees.
  • Not all business locations of an employer enrolled in E-Verify may be found on the lists. When an employer enrolls in E-Verify, the employer is asked to provide a single contact address as well as the address where the employer conducts E-Verify cases, regardless of the number of company locations participating in E-Verify. Therefore, these lists do not necessarily include every location at which an enrolled employer conducts business. The absence of a business location does not mean or imply that the business operating at the unlisted location either is or is not enrolled in E-Verify
  • Naming conventions used by employers may not be recognizable to the public. When an employer enrolls in E-Verify, the employer uses the legal name of the individual or business entity. In many cases, however, an employer may use a trade name for public business purposes. For example, an employer operating a franchise may enroll in E-Verify using the franchisee’s legal name, but only the franchise trade name may be visible to the public. Also, since there are no required naming conventions, an employer could choose to register with an abbreviation or a company name based on his or her location within the company rather than a legal name.
  • E-Verify does not collect contract information.Currently, E-Verify does not collect any information on federal contracts (e.g., DUNS number, contract number, number of contracts held by a company or location, period of performance of a contract and/or number of personnel on a contract, and whether they’re a subcontractor), so even when a company is listed on the federal contractor list, it’s not possible to determine how many employees should be verified or what locations should be covered by that company.
  • The E-Verify Employers and Federal Contractors Lists will be updated on a quarterly basis.